Oracle database Interview Questions

Oracle is a secured database which is used in multinational companies. Here I have given frequently asked Oracle database questions.

  1. What is Oracle?

Oracle is a company, it is also a database server which helps to manage data in a structured way. A user can store and get back their data as whenever they required. The database server provides efficiency for failure recovery.

  1. What are the logical and physical database structures in Oracle?

Logical – Database’s schema projects and Tablespace

Physical – Data files, Control files and Redo log files

  1. What is Tablespace?

A database has one or more storage units are called as tablespaces.

  1. What is an Oracle table?

Tables are generally basic data storage in Oracle DB. Databases are stored in rows and columns. A user can identify their table with their table name. Oracle database stores metadata, it is available in PL/SQL, Java and other languages.

  1. What is BCP in Oracle?

Bulk Copy in Oracle helps to import and export from tables but it doesn’t copy the data from other sources.

  1. What are the memory layers in Oracle?
  • Data dictionary cache
  • Library cache
  1. What are the Oracle DB objects?
  • Sequences – Multiple users generate unique numbers
  • Tables – set of elements organized in both horizontal and vertical
  • Indexes – Tuning method is used to process the records
  • Views – a Virtual table is derived from one or more tables
  • Tablespaces – Logical units for Oracle
  • Synonyms – Alias name is used for tables
  1. What is the cold backup and hot backup in Oracle?

Cold Backup: The other name of Cold Backup is Offline Backup, the process has been done only if the database is active.

Hot Backup: The other name of Hot Backup is Online Backup, the process has been done only if you are in offline.

  1. What are the roles of DB Administrator?
  • Database Administrator has the ability to create new users. They can allocate work to other users.
  • Perform backup and recovery
  • Manage database storage ad schema objects
  1. What are the common tasks in Oracle DBA?
  • Installing Oracle software
  • Creating Oracle DB
  • Managing database storage structures
  • Managing table, index, schema objects and views
  • Performing database upgrades
  1. What are the Database Administering tools?
  • Oracle Net Manager
  • Database Upgrade Assistant
  • Database Configuration Assistant
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Net Manager
  • Oracle Universal Installer
  1. What are the modules in Oracle Forms?
  • PL/SQL library module
  • Object library module
  • Menu Module
  • Form Module
  1. What are the types of synonyms in Oracle?

Public: Accessed by any database user

Private: Accessed only by the private owner

  1. In which language Oracle has been developed?

C Language is used to develop Oracle.

  1. What is DML?

Data Manipulation Language (DML) is used to manipulate and access data in the existing objects. Select, Insert, Update and Delete are DML statements.

  1. What is hash cluster?

Hash Cluster is used to store table for faster retrieval.

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Informatica World 2018

Informatica World 2018 will connect with industry leaders, professionals and experts. It is focused on data because the world moves on it. Organizations are now depending on the data. Informatica is an intelligent data platform that includes data quality, data management, data security, master data management and much more. More than 7000 enterprises are depending on Informatica, it fully leverages their information in the cloud, hybrid or on-premise environment. Know the recent updates of Informatica through Informatica Training in Chennai.

Informatica contributes to technical cooperation, socialization of knowledge, a creation of capacities in sustainable development. Informatica is the vendor that offers a truly end-to-end enterprise data governance and it enables collaboration between IT and business.

Informatica helps you to drive your digital information

  1. Accelerate your journey to the cloud
  2. Protect your security
  3. Helps to manage data with high security

Data Security Cloud, Integration Cloud and Master Data Management Cloud are powered by common core platform.

New User Interface

Operator, Designer and Administrator use service switcher and common user interface shell. New Design introduces the workspaces and it allows users to keep the multiple tabs with cloud service. With this, a user can navigate their data from one screen to another screen.

File Mass Integration

It enables customers to transfer enterprise data assets. Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 data stores in cloud use standard protocols – FTPS, FTP and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

Template Driven Development

Customers are now creating integration asset from scratch. Templates include pre-built logic and data integration areas like data warehousing, data cleansing and data preparation. To add templates to our customers you need to continue to empower customers to create their own templates.

Bundles and Templates together provide reusability and it helps to promote best practice design. Learn the latest updates of Informatica through Informatica course in Chennai. Expert assists you to become a master in this field. A user defines the customer logic that involves actions like conditions, exception, loops, error handling and much more.

Connectivity Enhancements

Informatica provides continues connectivity to cloud services, applications and on-premises. New Connectors releases AWS Redshift Spectrum, MemSQL and much more. It supports for popular data formats such as JSON and Avro are added to cloud object connectors.

Informatica Platform is a set of data services and it is powered by the state of data management engine. It includes:

  1. Big Data Management
  2. Data Quality
  3. Power Exchange
  4. Power Center
  5. Data Integration HUB
  6. B2B Data Exchange
  7. Data Transformation

Data is everywhere and Informatica is now collecting business, technical and it uses metadata across the enterprises.  It also includes data integration tools, on-premises apps across Azure and AWS environments. Get start to learn Informatica course today and make a wonderful career with high salary package.

GRE Exam to Study Abroad

Looking for GRE Coaching in Chennai? At EnglishLabs we offer GRE Training in Chennai. GRE is conducted by different courses for different graduate and business schools across the world. Educational Testing Services (ETC) conducts the GRE examination. GRE exam to study abroad after completing the schools or graduation.

GRE is a systematize test to admin students into graduate in abroad. GRE test is a mandatory exam for doing a Master Degree and Ph.D. in various universities in various countries. If you want to study your degree in abroad GRE mark will help to get good universities in abroad. You get a good score in GRE you will get good universities. GRE exam mainly takes for Master’s Degree in abroad universities. Business schools also prefer GRE examination. GRE exam measures the verbal, analytical, and quantitative skills. GRE examination is the widely accepted examination in the world.

GRE Exam Syllabus

GRE has followed the three parts of examinations are Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning. GRE Coaching Centers in Chennai fully covers the GRE examination syllabus.

Verbal Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning section is for the non-native English speakers. This section checks the verbal communication skill. The GRE Verbal Reasoning score scale is 130–170, 1 point increments.

Analytical Writing: This section checks the analytical skills, the presence of mind, and finds your views. The GRE analytical writing score scale is 0–6, half-point increments.

Quantitative Reasoning: Quantitative Reasoning section checks numbers and quantitative data. You should solve the mathematical problems and mathematical formulas like arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. They allow accessing the calculator in the examination hall. The score scale of quantitative reasoning is 130–170, 1 point increments.

EnglishLabs will provide you with study materials. Also, they conduct the test. These training will help you to prepare and getting admission into the top universities in the global like Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, MIT, Stanford, and Columbia University etc. EnglishLabs is a Best GRE Coaching Centers in Chennai.

GRE in Englishlabs

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Major benefits of learning English

Learning English is an excellent idea for you. This is the most useful language, almost 20 billion people are speaking English today. It is considered as a worldwide language, numerous countries prefer English is the first language. It is also used for business, aviation, science, diplomacy and entertainment. Learning English will help you to advance your career in a particular field. Textbooks and English classes help to learn basic grammar and vocabulary. Learn more via Spoken English Classes in Chennai, specialist guidance is helpful to become master of English.

If you want to become expert at understanding and speaking English, you have to practice with native English-Speakers. Such types of opportunities are hard to find in today’s world. Here are some benefits of speaking effectively in English.

Information and Research

  1. English is the main language of newspapers, air-traffic control, diplomacy, pop music, airports, books, sport and much more.
  2. Mails are almost written in English
  3. 70% of the scientists read in English


  1. English is the global language, around 700 billion people are believed to speak this language.

Develop your Career

  1. Commerce and Business are increasingly driven by international trade
  2. Business professionals are now hiring the candidates only with good communication.
  3. Technical skills are mandatory to work in modern industries. You need to be expert in both reading and writing in English.


  1. Many people don’t bother about other languages because they believe that people are familiar with the English language.
  2. Knowledge of foreign language increases to find job opportunities in IT sectors.


  1. If you are moving from one nation to another, local language will help you to speak with others. It likewise comprehends the way of life and thinking capacity.
  2. You can also increase your problem-solving ability by doing this kind of activities.

Secret Communication

  1. If some your relatives speak English you can understand easily. Once learning English will help you to speak fluently in front of your people. Speakers of Native American Languages as Cheyenne Navajo served as radio operators.
  2. People can also share information with others in English with high security.

Studying Abroad

If you are interested to study in abroad you need to be good at local language. Without proper communication, it is difficult to survive in this world. Learn this global language through Spoken English in Chennai, an expert approach is highly helpful to land a great profession.

Listen Songs

  1. Try to listen to English songs for better communication. Listening English songs will improve your vocabulary and memory power.
  2. Challenge yourself and learn new things in your day to day life. Some of them are interested to listen to songs, it is one of the best ways to learn English songs. Learn more and achieve more.

Android apps for Networking

Most networking professionals have a mobile device, they can share and view the information as whenever they needed. Google play has lots of tools that help managers and administrators to do their jobs in a perfect manner. Apple’s App Store includes networking tools, but now the latest version has been released. iOS apps don’t support normal applications. People who use Android can do network troubleshooting directly from their tablets or phones. Most of the Android Tools are still support for network pros manage, configure and secure their networks. Know the latest updates of networking through CCNA Training in Chennai. Presently, developers are innovating new mobile applications with advanced features. At the same time, they are developing apps to solve the complex issues in the short span of time. Generally, Android apps help to monitor computers, connect to servers, scan networks, access database, etc.

Network Scanner

Networking tools are now available in Android Platform and it hosts for different functions. It mainly focuses on scanning and it displays exact MAC and IP addresses.

Network Utilities

These types of tools are assisting with networking, it also includes DNS lookup, ping, IP calculator, TelNet client, netstat, scanner and much more.

Network Manager

Network Manager is the highly rated networking app on Google Play Store. Speed Test, ports scanner, Wifi Scanner are the features of a network manager. Day by Day innovations in Google play store is increasing rapidly. Learn networking course via CCNA course in Chennai, routing and switching concepts has been explained clearly.

Network Analysis

It is similar to Network Manager and Network Utilities. This tool offer port scanner, ping, etc. All those activities are displayed in graph theory, the individual activities recorded and arranged according to their dependencies. Time planning, Capacity planning, Structural planning and cost budgeting are the types of network analysis which is helpful to analyze all those activities.

Companies are now hiring the candidates that who have skills in networking protocols like IGRP, IP, VLAN, Serial, etc. It is required for configuration, installation, operation, switched networks, etc.

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Why should you learn the Hottest IT certification of Hadoop?

Hadoop TrainingIn the upcoming year, each and every data will be processing using Hadoop technology. This will offer huge job opportunities for fresher’s and also well-experienced who learned Hadoop Training in Chennai. Recent days, huge organizations are facing difficulty to hire talented candidates to handle an enormous amount of big data to derive business insights. If you learn Big Data certification this will definitely help you to get a high-payable job in IT industry. Hadoop is considered to be the hottest IT certification so much more people turn their heads into Hadoop area. It’s the right time to catch the IT opportunity to become successful in your career so learn Hadoop certification to kick-start your big data career.

Today business industries are struck up with the massive volume of data, they want to pull out unwanted data and keep store the required information. Big data is the best technology to handle voluminous amount of data and the individuals who really strong with using big data and its related tools can easily play with the high-volume of data so that they can easily do what organization needs. The number of Hadoop professionals is very low so now the main focus is to teach the people who have knowledge in data mining, data management, analytics background and the business intelligence. They can easily understand Hadoop concepts and easily pick the processes in Hadoop. High demand for the Hadoop certified professionals so learn Hadoop Training Chennai, this will increase your salary as much you expected. Hadoop certification is still hot cake among other IT certification and when you updated resume with Hadoop skill you will be treated as good than other skilled persons.

Hadoop acquiring massive fame in all over the globe, most of the industries such as Sports, Utilities, Real-estate, Healthcare, Finance, Dating, Media, Energy, and Retail are taking on Hadoop applications. There are various business industries are working in the process of adopting with the Hadoop technology as a project big data solution. The person who has certification of Big Data Training are experts in handling big data.

If you want to become an expert in Hadoop you must learn their tools and techniques of Hadoop from the reputed Big Data Training in Chennai.  Leading Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai will help the hiring department to find the best candidates among the certified candidates to carry out challenges with live big data sets. So taking Big Data certification is the prior task to grasp the best career opportunities in IT industry.

Importance of Pursuing Studies in Germany

Are you planning to do higher studies in Germany? Do you want to learn German? Looking for some good institute? Hurry up! Don’t waste your time. We provide you the top list of German Classes in Chennai.

Germany is considered to be the perfect country to pursue higher studies abroad. Germany’s prosperous history, enjoyable people, and its rich culture will satisfy the each and every new student who expects certain things from a new country. German has the top ranked universities among all over the world. Germany is worth exploring as it is one of the best interesting countries to be visited at least once in our life time.

The education system in German mainly focuses on the international sector. Therefore this attracts the international students & there is a great increase in the income of numerous students to study in Germany. According to the student’s aim, interest and method of learning, the education institutes provide graduate programs and post-graduate programs.

Even though most of the international based degrees are to be taught in English, many Postgraduate degrees will be educated in German also. German Universities will offer High standard education with no compromising on the quality and organize many study programs.

International degrees will be given to the students as Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. It also provides some special services such as Academic support, Abroad study periods, Personal support, Study counseling.

When you compare Germany with other countries, Germany is the best country for education as it costs very low but with quality and standards. It does not only offer this for Germans but also for the students from international level.

In German country, the student residencies are very comfortable and affordable than a private rental one. The universities also have guest houses but the cost will be little high but it is worth trying. But it will be almost accommodated by the professors, lecturers, or some other guests from other universities. You may get a room when you have vacancy through Foreign Students Advisory service.

You can also go for private residence but it is far better to stay inside the campus for any emergency issues and also you’ll be more comfortable to attend your classes rather than traveling from a different area. So you will have enough time and you do not want to rush for your classes. First, you need to apply for a student visa if you want to study in Germany.

Germany is said to be the Heart of Europe. Germany is a colorful country where a student rarely gets bored even for a minute as it is filled with many activities, events, and entertainments. If you are willing to go Germany, then check out the best German Language Classes in Chennai.

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Fun Games to make French Learning Easy

Taking in another language can be dull and exhausting yet it doesn’t need to be that way. Utilizing French language amusements can make this work simpler and more pleasant for teacher and students alike. The most up to date learning techniques utilize French language diversions in conjunction with sound and composed lessons and they are a fun route for grown-ups and in addition, youngsters to figure out how to communicate in French.

One of the most straightforward approaches to begin with French language diversions is to play eye spy in French. This is an amusement that ought to be played with at least two players, in a perfect world a little size classroom: the educator will pick a thing in the room and request that the students think about what it is. For instance: “je vois quelque picked de rouge/I see something red”; the students will reply by naming red things in French until the point that the right one has been found. Tenderfoots can begin with hues however further developed students should utilize the principal letter of the word to be speculated. There are many institutes offer French Classes in Chennai alive the training and develop your skills in the French language.

Word ventures and crosswords are French language diversions that can be played by students without anyone else or finished by whole classrooms as a feature of homework or class rivalry. These can be found in French magazines and daily papers downloaded from the Internet, however in the event that you are a French educator it is desirable over make your own, utilizing vocabulary that your students know about at first as some word amusements can challenge.

More experienced students can play the session of scrabble in French, wherein the vicinity of 2 and 4 players make words from a blend of letters; with the guide of a French lexicon (dictionary) to look into words and their significance, this famous word diversion has the capability of instructing new vocabulary and students can receive considerably more advantage in return by making up sentences utilizing the words found and saying them so anyone might hear.

In the event that you are showing language use, one of the French language diversions you can play with your students is to stir up the words from a French sentence and let them set the words back in the right request. A comparable exercise that aids in the appreciation of French is to make up a basic story four or five sentences in length, blend the sentences and let the students set the story back in the right request. Those who are all interested to learn French take French Courses in Anna Nagar from the stretch itself.

The utilization of French language diversions in new learning strategies makes learning French additionally exciting. Regardless of whether you are learning or showing French, numerous assets are accessible to you and one of the spots you can simply depend on to discover French-language recreations is your own particular creative ability.


Advantages of Speaking English Effectively

In any case, the most essential and primary advantage of having the capacity to talk in English is that it is thought to be the language utilized as a part of business communication through world wide. Talking in English encourages you as a person to discuss effortlessly with others, whether it is your own life or the expert field. Here is an article that will layout a portion of many advantages  offered by English language.

Essential advantages of speaking, understanding and learning in English :

 Proficient open door

 As specified above, English opens a large group of new skylines on the expert front. It is the most widely recognized language utilized as a part over all the global for business communication.  Not just this, competitors who are known to at least two languages are regularly considered as perfect candidates for occupations that incorporate travel and global business. To become proficient in English Language take Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar.

Spoken English Connection and System Administration

 Being well familiar with English language gives you significantly better than the rest with regards to social communication and system administration. Many individual everywhere in the world, tend to utilize English as their language of communication. You should know about the way that language is learn and can be incredible method for meeting individuals in colleges, schools , on the web and so on.. Those who wish to enhance you skills in English Language join Best Spoken English Class Chennai.


If you are planning to relocate abroad ,  you should be fluent in English or you will feel more difficult to sustain their. If you are fluent in English then finding a job and place to live and making friends will become easier. You could consider getting a hang of English by taking English Coaching Classes in T Nagar.

English is viewed as a primary language in numerous nations; this implies the significance of knowing English is educated to you school itself. One of the real advantages of learning English gives new chances to students at young age itself.

I hope this post will help you to know the importance of English language in our life.

Outstanding Salesforce Tips for Event Marketer

Do you think it’s possible to clean the entire floor with a single toothbrush, yes it is, but it’s quite difficult and I am sure it’s not pleasant? The same scenario applies to an organization; you can’t be successful in organizing a large-scale event without Salesforce. It could be possible, but I am damn sure it’s not pleasant at all. If you want to organize a large-scale event you need perfect tools for a well done job.

Salesforce is the topmost CRM software with an unbelievable array of competencies. If you well trained by the reputed Salesforce Training in Chennai, you can easily organize and analyze the whole sales data, that assisting your team and you to make essential business assessments that affect the imminent of the company.

You can easily organize and analyze the entire valuable data with help of Salesforce CRM. Here are the outstanding Salesforce Tips for Event Marketer to take full benefits as an additional resource to your event strategy.

Sight Events as Campaigns

One of the major value plans is its capacity to offer a high-level outline of multiple enterprises at the same time. Associating Paid Social, Display Ad, paid Search and many other campaigns instantaneously are very useful when the picture to make essential decisions. It’s essential to monitor each enterprise campaign then only you can understand the spate impact of each campaign. Within Salesforce every live organization event must be categorized as its own single campaign. By following this strategy you are capable to obviously determine their general impact and how they associate to other initiatives. In addition, you will start to view events as entirely separate marketing channels which in turn will permit you to establish systemize events as their own distinct strategies.

Make clear communication with your Sales Team Members

When you are making the campaign in Salesforce, make sure you as a marketer are staying in constant communication with your sales crew. In fact, it could be great to sit down with the applicable sales reps previously making the campaign to make sure everyone is on the same page. For example, if a person registers for the event, they will be preserved as a Sales opportunity or a Sales lead? How to follow up the lead after the event? And which kind of data is absolutely mandatory to upload in Salesforce? All the lead can be completely answered by your sales team, so you can accurately clean and close the Sales lead in a successful way. During Salesforce Training you will learn how to start and close the Sales lead effectively with help of Salesforce CRM software.

Follow up Pre-Event Meeting Requests

Whether you are an attendee or an organizer, you should start the event with the right strategy before it gets started. Likewise, before the event is in progress, reporting in Salesforce must starts. Big conferences will give way for attendees to connect with one additional month in progress.

In Salesforce you can start a campaign within Salesforce campaign, follow up entire leads that you associate with previous to the event. This will give a much simpler way to create a great approach once you get to the event as well as make a follow-up plan once the event is completed.

You can learn from Salesforce Course in Chennai about how to get more out of Salesforce in the live event generation guide.