Steel has been in use for construction purposes since the late 19th century. Steel is an option for even small buildings and residential purposes. The products of the steel suppliers are well-known for their strong durability and dimensional accuracy. Let us see the reasons to use steel for construction purposes.

Construction speed:

The steelwork and its structures are fabricated and it requires minimum site work and then assembled with bolted connections. These will lead us to quick construction and save time. The steel is ideal for building projects even for small buildings. Steel frames offer strength, unlike concrete structures. They are immediately available for work purposes in the industries. Innovation in the construction field yields speed and gives more safety outcomes.     


The labor involved in the construction process can be reduced up to 70% that leads to a safer construction site. The erection process works well with the prefabrication and dedicated lifting points on assemblies. Steel decking and integrated edge protection provide safer working platforms. 

Saves money:

The construction process is faster when compared to other alternatives which make it easy for early handover. A longer span gives flexible internal spaces. Mild steel is the common steel used for construction purposes. The MS plate price in Chennai is affordable which has been in the industrial applications for many years. 

Robust quality:

Steel is a ductile material that responds well to overload and manages load retention. The configuration can be done with the size and shape of steel to provide structural robustness which is not easily achievable with other construction materials.  

Reduced weight:

The steel structure is lighter than any other concrete structure owing to its stiffness and strength. Lightness is attributed to the reduced load on foundations. Smaller foundations perform well for some ground conditions.  

Architectural expression:

The steel gives architects the freedom to choose their ambitious visions. After combining its form and structure, steel can refine its structure to a steel sculpture. The chequered plates are used for architectural purposes. The MS chequered plate provides good grip and skid resistance in the industrial setting. It is a high frictional plate as it avoids slips and falls.


When the building with a steel frame is destroyed, its components can be reused in the industry’s recycling system. It can be melted down and repurposed based on the requirement. Without any loss in properties, the steel can be recycled. Today’s steel is already made using recycled one. 

Thus steel has greater strength and durability in comparison with wood. Architects find it more flexible in designing homes and creating better living spaces. 

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