Here, we will discuss the role of SAS in clinical research and clinical trial data analysis. 

What is SAS?

SAS (formerly Statistical Analysis System) is used statistical analysis platform across multiple industries, most notably pharmaceuticals and finance. Because the SAS software is used by 90% of the Fortune 500, there are a lot of opportunities for careers in large corporations. Clinical SAS Training in Chennai provides immense training with the help of industry experts.

In fact, SAS is heavily used by the great majority of corporate IT departments for data mining and analysis. SAS programmers create and test software to ensure that it works properly.

What is Clinical SAS?

SAS is a well-known professional in recent times. Clinical SAS is widely used in clinical trials and research trials. It is a vital research tool with cutting-edge technology. Clinical SAS is intended to evaluate novel approaches to medical research.

Amazing Career Facts About Clinical SAS Analytics:

Most Needed Skills in Today’s Job Market:

SAS Analytics tops the list of the 21 Most Valuable Professionals Now, published with a 6.1 per cent pay increase. Indeed, given today’s massive amounts of data generated and rapid advancements in software, the ability to organize, analyze and apply data are among the most valuable skills and expertise. Join FITA Academy for the best Clinical SAS Online Course.

High Salary Range:

According to Glassdoor, the average pay for SAS analysts in the United States is $76,410. A SAS analyst’s median salary is $69,746 per year, according to Payscale. According to, the average SAS programmer’s salary is $85,951.

The average salary for SAS programmers is in the six figures, which are entry-level positions. These figures increase significantly with more experience and depending on multiple factors.

Career Growth in Tremendous:

SAS analysts are entry-level positions that require working with raw data and performing statistical analysis.

If you have management experience, you can advance to a senior analyst or principal analyst and then to senior management roles such as senior manager, associate director, director, and vice-president.

These will naturally differ from organization to organization, but they will serve as a good indicator of the type of growth you can expect.

High in Demand:

A quick search on job boards yields around 10,000 open SAS Analyst positions. With more and more studies demonstrating the immense growth and demand for expert technical skills, and SAS remaining the number one software solutions provider, the need for SAS analytics will continue to grow.


Now you would have understood the Amazing Career Facts About Clinical SAS Analytics. So to have a profound understanding of Clinical SAS, you can join Best Clinical SAS Training Institutes in Chennai and learn its concepts, benefits and features.

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