A woman does not get bored with the silk sarees despite the year or century. There are numerous and varieties of outfits designed and tailored as per the needs. But whatever occasion or festival maybe people love to adorn with silk saree. Hence, silk sarees are the best option for every woman out there for any occasion. However, there is a concern that silk sarees are stiff, but nowadays silks are fabricated and manufactured as soft silk. Hence, there are soft silk sarees online and available in the store to meet the requirements of this generation. Thus, women, especially brides, have a wide range of options to choose their bridal sarees according to color, texture, and design. Hence, in this post, listed below are some silk sarees for this festive season or the wedding occasion.

Kanchipuram saree:

The foremost option for every woman and celebrities is the Kanchipuram bridal sarees. These sarees originated from the small town Kanchipuram from Southern India and are quite popular all over the world. The specialty of this saree is it’s shining texture. The body and pallu of the Kanchipuram saree are in contrast and weaved by using golden and silver threads. The weavers use a certain amount of gold while weaving the silk saree to bring out the authenticity of the saree. The designs of the saree are inspired by Indian architecture like temples, chariots, coins, and many more. You can even buy Kanchipuram saree online but make sure to purchase from a reliable and trusted source.

Kanchipuram Jacquard Saree:

This is another type of saree that many brides choose is the Kanchipuram jacquard saree. These sarees use multi-colors print sarees, which gives a stretchy and quilted effect to the sarees. These sarees are weaved in vibrant colors with minimal designs to enhance the beauty of the fabric. 

Banarasi saree:

Thirdly, Banarasi saree is the most sold sarees next to Kanchipuram sarees. These sarees use regular silk that is fabricated and includes large designs. These designs are Mughal-inspired and often come in vibrant colors. Initially, real gold and silver were used in weaving the saree but now are weaved with regular silk threads.

Even though they are expensive, there are wedding silk sarees below 10000 for every bride. Hence, consider these options suggested in the post to purchase better.

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