JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language, which is widely used for Web browsers and applications. However, JavaScript is used in servers, software, and embedded hardware controls in addition to the internet. To become a JavaScript Developer through Javascript Course in Bangalore.

Essential Tools in JavaScript:


Meteor enables web programmers to develop modern websites and internet apps in a simple environment. The structure is created with features that make developing web applications is more simple and quick. Meteor currently helps Mac OSX and Linux.


Radi assists web developers in the creation of animation, real-time graphics, and videos for new websites and internet applications. It includes features that allow developers to build a wide range of content utilizing HTML5 features.


Hitch is a lightweight polyfill engine, it can be easily integrated into a web page. Web developers can use the engine as a CSS and HTML expansion model. By making CSS selectors more expressive, it enables programmers to maintain clean HTML code. Hitch makes it easier for programmers to make decisions by eliminating the need to consider end-browser users.


Charts are now widely used by internet applications to present data to users appealingly and engagingly. Epoch makes it simpler for web developers to prolong and customize a wide range of charts for their applications. Epoch currently has five real-time charts like pie, scatter, area, bar, line.

 Interactive JavaScript Maps

Most internet applications and websites now use animated and interactive maps to provide a localized user experience. Developers, on the other hand, must write lengthy and complex code to create interactive maps from scratch. This tool simplifies the creation of interactive and animated pictures for use in a website or internet application by web programmers.


JSHint is a tool that web programmers can use to make their program code error-free. The open-source machine is intended to identify JavaScript code errors and potential difficulties. The JavaScript code can be entered anywhere on the web page, and the fault report can be viewed on the right side.

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