What is React Native?

It is a great solution for creating mobile and web apps. It seamlessly integrates with mobile operating systems. Reduce the need to create platform-specific apps with React. React Native Training in Chennai provides you with more opportunities for your career enhancement.


The unique feature of React Native App development is the ability to use native code. You can combine code and react features for optimal efficiency.


Facebook launched the React framework and developed a cross-platform app for its social portal. It is an open-source framework. React Native is used to build several apps, including Skype, Walmart, Instagram, and Bloomberg.

Single Codebase:

The unified codebase effectively works with native Android and iOS apps. It serves as a link between the native and web counterparts.

You do not need to recruit two teams for native platforms if you choose software development. Also, don’t be concerned with syncing layouts. Develop your software faster with less budget.


Startups are on the search for an online presence however, they have a limited budget. React Native is ideal for such businesses. It saves both time and money. It also ensures faster returns.

Lesser Efforts:

A broader range of skill sets is available. Furthermore, the framework reduces developer complexity because the same code may be used for other platforms like Android, iOS, and web apps. Android app development using react native for the effective development process. It is simple to understand. Join FITA Academy‘s React Native Online Course and learn with the help of industry experts.

Easy bug Fixes:

Cross-platform apps are simple to debug than native apps. A single bug fix can be applied to all systems. Modifications and changes in mobile applications are also less difficult. The react native also provides android app development services for debugging.

User Interface:

It enables you to create and develop the best user interfaces. It facilitates your work by providing pre-built declarative components.

Easy Transformation:

Developers can save time by easily converting a web app to a mobile app. The framework is distinguished by its modular and easy design. 


So far we have discussed the Top Reasons for React Native Application Development Popularity. To have a profound understanding, you can join React Native Training in Bangalore and equip yourself with the necessary concepts of react-native.

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