Automation Anywhere technology is employed by many enterprises around the world to assist them in their digital conversion projects. Let’s examine two types of bots in AA.

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Data Manipulation Bots

This bot type does not do what is currently being done. It examines how combining data from multiple systems can help organizations and teams make better, data-driven decisions.

This bot needs imagination and creativity to build data relationships between systems. It can make better decisions.

An Instance in Land Investing:

  • Single-family home realty investors usually look for properties that meet the 1% rule. This means that the monthly rent allowed must equal 1 span>
  • For example, A worth 10 lakh home must be capable of supporting a 1000k/month rent to make a good ROI.
  • Unfortunately, data required to calculate the 1 percent is not always available within the same application. Searching on land investing websites for “1% homes”, however, won’t work.
  • At this point, a bot can scrape whole listings of homes on, then make a ring to any number of rent-estimating applications to return the expected rent for each property.

This enables potential investors to quickly search for homes that meet or exceed the 1% threshold without having to look through pages upon pages worth of real estate listings.

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Cognitive Automation Bots

This bot type examines how the cognitive abilities of AI, machine learning, and computer vision can be used in a bot. Intelligent automation is another name for it.

Many organizations recognize the value of RPA and cognitive abilities to automate tasks that are not strictly rule-based.

Some examples:

      • This could also be used to extract key pair values from invoices or forms received by organizations.
      • Task assignment optimization is a technique that optimizes the way tasks are assigned according to employees’ abilities, availability, or privileges.
      • This could happen by using some data exhaust from different tasks in order to build and consume machine learning models that can automate loan applications.

This could enable you to access cognitive capabilities offered by cloud services such as AWS, Azure, and Google.

Cognitive automation allows for the full exploration of the benefits of robotic process automation and the benefits associated with artificial intelligence/machine learning.


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