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Canada is an excellent place to apply for permanent residency which has enhanced several pathways that offer great assistance to the immigrants who desire to settle till the end of their lives in this country. A safe and secure environment along with the least crime rate is one of the main reasons for the Immigration Consultants In Bangalore. In this article, you will learn about the best visa consultant in 2021 and visa services(99% success rate):

Selection Factors Of Canada Immigration Program:


The Canadian immigration process involves an educational requirement. This will assist to form the basis on which a federal skilled worker applicant will be refused or accepted. Foreign educational credentials are assessed by a designated Canadian organization. This will examine the Canadian equivalent of the credentials. Canada Visa Office Bangalore provides all the legal services to the customers.

Language Skills:

Immigration and citizenship of Canada require the Federal skilled worker to prove first language abilities in one of Canada’s official languages either in French or in English. The maximum number of points that can be awarded under the language skills factor is 28. It is important for the applicant’s ability to speak French or English. Four points are awarded for the second language and twenty-four points are awarded for the first language. Either one of Canada’s official languages can be used by the Federal skilled worker’s applicant as a second or first language. 

Work Experience:

Work experience is an essential factor awarded by Canadian immigration officers. The Visa Services In Chennai say that this is the other element that will be considered when determining whether a skilled worker applicant will be refused or accepted on their application for Canadian immigration. 

Arranged Employment:

If an employer has made people a full-time permanent offer in Canada, then they may be qualified for fast-track options under the Federal skilled worker category. The Canadian immigration lawyers will ensure that they successfully accomplish their immigration-related goals. The process of Canadian immigration can be facilitated if a Canadian employer makes an offer with full-time permanent employment in the country to a foreign skilled worker. This allows him/her to promptly start working for the Canadian employer.

Thus, the Australia Immigration Consultants In Chennai have given a clear picture of all the above selection factors for becoming a permanent resident of Canada. Hope this article will help you. All the Best!

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