Our privacy policy outlines the specific details that will be retained in our database upon your visit and access to our website, including your username, URLs, IP address, the status of your requests, web page URLs directed to our site, and byte counts transferred and received.

  • Username: The unique identifier chosen by an individual to represent their identity on our platform.
  • URLs: Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) serve as addresses for specific web pages, helping us track the digital pathways users take within our website.
  • IP Address: An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network, enabling us to identify and record users’ devices.
  • Status of Your Request: The current state or condition of user-initiated actions on our website, providing insights into the progress or completion of various requests.
  • Web Page URLs Guided to Our Website: The specific web page addresses that directed users to our website, offering valuable context on user navigation patterns and external sources.
  • Byte Counts Transferred and Received: The quantity of data in bytes transferred from and to users’ devices during their interactions with our website, helping us analyze and optimize data transmission efficiency.