Donating to the poor gives us a feeling of satisfaction. It is good for our health also. Even the recent studies show that when we help the needy or when we donate to a charity it boosts our mental as well as physical health. A Myriad of ways are available to help others and one is donating to a charity. This is generally very helpful for the people who are affected by the pandemic. The habit of giving has several advantages. Top non profit organizations in the US make an impact in driving changes to society. Let’s see them one by one.

Giving Makes Us Happy:

Donating money to the people in need makes the giver happy. A cheerful giver has many health benefits too. A study revealed that donating enhances the giver’s happiness. It is backed by a scientific fact. When you give to charity, the particular part of the brain that is associated with trust, pleasure, and happiness gets activated. The brain even releases a hormone called endorphin which evokes a positive sense of mind. This is the reason why we feel good after helping others. People who are physically and emotionally bruised will benefit from it. Charities for children’s education is the most appreciated one and they are responsible for all the actions towards the donors and beneficiaries.

Reduces Depression:

Giving enhances the positive feeling so that more positive feelings have a lesser rate of depression. A person who is trying to cope up with the loss of their loved ones feels better after sponsoring a child. One can even make a similar contribution to attain that sense of feeling. Helping others makes people gain control over their lives. 

Boosts Physical Health:

It is much of a surprise to hear that when helping for a cause or making certain donations boosts our physical health. Let us look into some of the benefits:

  1. Lowers the blood pressure
  2. Boost our self-esteem
  3. Gives a longer life
  4. Reduces stress levels

One should be generous to help others which in turn paves way for good health. Even elderly care is often needed in recent times. A recent study revealed that an elder person who volunteers to help lives longer than one who doesn’t volunteer. 

Besides the above-said benefits, the charity promotes social connections between people. Generosity is appreciated which strengthens the bond between people. Make donations not for others but for personal benefit too!

There are many best orphan charity that aim at improving the lives of orphan children across the world.

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