Tips For Successful Cooking Using Pressure Cookers

pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is a helpful cookware in every household because it saves both time and money. It helps in preparing delicious meals and retains all the nutritional values. Nowadays, pressure cookers are made with multiple safety features to ensure the safety of the cooks and don’t face any explosion issues. The lids are manufactured with locks and must be activated before the pressure builds. These locks won’t open until the pressure inside the cooker settles down. Most triply cookware set of pressure cookers have valves to release the excess heat. However, there are numerous things to be considered for successful and safer cooking. Hence, listed are the tips to be considered for a perfect pressure cooker cooking.

Deglaze the pot for intense flavour:

Deglaze the pressure cooker to retain and increase the flavour of the food. Cook the food in small batches and brown the food from all sides. Keep aside the fried ingredients in a bowl and deglaze the pot by adding water, wine, or broth. It helps to remove those delicious and tiny food particles left behind. Now add the cooked food kept in the bowl and follow up with further cooking. To decrease the cooking time, cut the vegetables or meat in a uniform size. Deglazing will surely increase the richness and flavour of the food till served.

Don’t fill the cooker to brim:

The 1 liter pressure cooker online India can hold food up to two-third of the cookware. It is advisable to never pack the food too tightly into a pressure cooker. There is a possibility of food blocking in the vent or may lead the valves to activate automatically. Both scenarios are harmful and the pressure cooker won’t work effectively.

Don’t overdo the liquid:

Another prime factor to be noted while cooking in a cooker is to use a sufficient amount of water. As the food is cooked in a sealed pot under pressure, the evaporation will be less. It is always safe to use only one cup of water and never fill the pot with more than halfway of liquid. However, check with the owner’s manual or recipe booklets to know the exact amount of water needed for cooking.

Clean off the cooker properly:

It is essential to wash the gasket and cooker separately. Remove the gasket from the lid and wash in cold running water. Clean the valve with a toothpick to ensure it moves freely and is not stuck anywhere. It is advisable to store in an open space than in a locked cupboard with the lid upside down the pot.

Therefore, these tips will help to prepare meals in the pressure pan online with safety and success.

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