TOEFL Writing is the most challenging section of the TOEFL exam. Simultaneously, any student can master this section and receive a high score. This section is beatable if you approach the tasks correctly. FITA Academy is the best TOEFL Coaching Centre in Chennai.

Top Ways to Improve Your TOEFL Writing Score:

Paraphrasing Strategies:

Paraphrasing is crucial in TOEFL writing. You will lose a lot of points for plagiarism if you do not paraphrase your sources in Integrated Writing and use the exact wording from the lecture or passage. Repeating the question in Independent Writing will also lower your score.

Do Good Prewriting:

Many TOEFL Independent Writing responses are disorganized due to a lack of prewriting. Prewriting consists of two steps: brainstorming and outlining. You just write down any ideas that come to mind during the brainstorming phase. Then move on to your outline. This is where you select and organize the ideas for your essay.

Focus on The Lecture:

Remember that the main task for TOEFL Integrated Writing is to summarize the points made in the lecture. You will also explain how these points relate to the passage’s ideas. However, the lecturer will highlight the passage’s most important points.

So, if you take notes on the reading, keep them brief and simple. Then pay close attention to which parts of the reading the lecturer chooses to discuss, and pay attention to how the lecturer responds to these points. TOEFL Coaching in Chennai provides you with more benefits and opportunities.

Take Proper Notes:

In TOEFL Integrated Writing, your notes serve as your prewriting. Because your essay summarizes the reading and lecture, what you write should be entirely based on your reading and lecture notes.

The emphasis of your notes should concentrate on the lecture rather than the reading. However, ideas from the reading still matter. Your notes should directly compare the author’s and lecturer’s views. Consider writing the reading’s points of view in one column and notes on the speaker’s points of view in another.

Avoid Spelling Mistakes:

Spelling is one of the essential factors in achieving a high TOEFL Writing score. If you consistently misspell words, your TOEFL Writing response can become difficult to understand.

Grammar Under Control:

Sometimes the overall structure of an essay is adequate. Understand the various grammar structures in English. Understand the structure of clauses, phrases, and sentences.

Use Grammar Variety:

There are numerous ways to construct a sentence. TOEFL examiners will want to see that you understand these various grammar patterns. Be aware of the different grammar constructions in English and build sentences that demonstrate your understanding of different grammar.


Now you would have understood the Top Ways to Improve Your TOEFL Writing Score. So, to have a profound understanding of TOEFL, you can join TOEFL Classes in Chennai, which will help you to understand more about TOEFL reading tips, tips to improve writing skills, and TOEFL strategies.

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