Power BI is a set of apps, software services, and connectors that process together to transform disparate data sources into cohesive, interactive, and visually engaging insights. The data could be a collection of cloud-based data warehouses, hybrid on-premise data warehouses, or an Excel spreadsheet. The Power BI tool enables simple access to data sources, as well as visualization and identification of what is relevant, which can then be shared with anyone. This blog will examine What makes Power BI the Most Effective BI tool. Join FITA Academy‘s Power BI Certification in Chennai to learn more about Power BI. It offers advanced certification training and 100% job placement assistance. 

Parts of Power BI

Power BI contains multiple components that function together, beginning with the three basics listed below:

  • Power BI Desktop – a Windows desktop application
  • Power BI service – an online SaaS service
  • Power BI mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices

The three factors listed above enable one to efficiently produce, consume, and share business insights based on their needs.

There are two additional components:

Power BI Report Builder: 

Assists in the creation of paginated reports for distribution via the Power BI service.

Power BI Report Server: 

An on-premises report server that aids in the publication of Power BI reports created in Power BI Desktop.

Why is Power BI such a big success with its users?

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why Power BI is such a hit with its users.

Ease of Use

Power BI features a very user-friendly interface. Power BI can be used even without prior programming knowledge or experience. Its built-in intelligence makes it possible to select attributes for reports by recommending the optimal reporting element.

Ease of Learning

Power BI was developed on the foundation of MS Excel and employed a similar approach to report design. Excel is a widely used product around the world, making Power BI simple to learn. Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases served as the foundation for data modelling, making it simple for consumers and programmers to understand Power BI data modelling. It also includes learning guides on the official website.

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Ease of Collaboration

Power BI includes features that make it extremely simple to collaborate. In-app workspaces, users can collaborate with others to create interactive reports and dashboards. They can even be published to a bigger audience. With Power BI, you can also share these dashboards or reports with a limited audience via the mobile app.

Wide Coverage of Data Sources

Power BI includes connectors for a variety of data sources, including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM Informix, Microsoft Excel, IBM DB2 database, MailChimp, Facebook, GitHub, IBM Netezza, PostgreSQL database, and many more.

Powerful Tool


Microsoft’s Power BI SDK includes a large library for creating custom visualizations. This enables users to tailor the UI to their own needs.

Data shaping

Power BI’s Query Editor tool is very flexible and comes with a ton of features. It is self-documenting and offers the opportunity to go deeper into the DAX language for data modelling.

Data modelling

Power BI’s data modelling options are extremely efficient. It is based on SQL database and Cube technology experiences, making Power BI a powerful solution.

Some of the other reasons why users choose Power BI over other similar tools are:

  • Power BI insights and Office 365 work in tandem with Excel and Microsoft Teams.
  • Power Query allows you to connect data from anywhere using a huge number of built-in connectors.
  • Using Microsoft Power Platform to convert insights into action
  • Built-in data loss prevention with Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App security Industry-leading AI that aids in the rapid discovery of solutions


In this blog, we have examined What makes Power BI the Most Effective BI tool. To learn more about concepts and become an expert, join the Power BI Course in Bangalore, which provides the best Certification Training with Placement Support.

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