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Most networking professionals have a mobile device, they can share and view the information as whenever they needed. Google play has lots of tools that help managers and administrators to do their jobs in a perfect manner. Apple’s App Store includes networking tools, but now the latest version has been released. iOS apps don’t support normal applications. People who use Android can do network troubleshooting directly from their tablets or phones. Most of the Android Tools are still support for network pros manage, configure and secure their networks. Know the latest updates of networking through CCNA Training in Chennai. Presently, developers are innovating new mobile applications with advanced features. At the same time, they are developing apps to solve the complex issues in the short span of time. Generally, Android apps help to monitor computers, connect to servers, scan networks, access database, etc.

Network Scanner

Networking tools are now available in Android Platform and it hosts for different functions. It mainly focuses on scanning and it displays exact MAC and IP addresses.

Network Utilities

These types of tools are assisting with networking, it also includes DNS lookup, ping, IP calculator, TelNet client, netstat, scanner and much more.

Network Manager

Network Manager is the highly rated networking app on Google Play Store. Speed Test, ports scanner, Wifi Scanner are the features of a network manager. Day by Day innovations in Google play store is increasing rapidly. Learn networking course via CCNA course in Chennai, routing and switching concepts has been explained clearly.

Network Analysis

It is similar to Network Manager and Network Utilities. This tool offer port scanner, ping, etc. All those activities are displayed in graph theory, the individual activities recorded and arranged according to their dependencies. Time planning, Capacity planning, Structural planning and cost budgeting are the types of network analysis which is helpful to analyze all those activities.

Companies are now hiring the candidates that who have skills in networking protocols like IGRP, IP, VLAN, Serial, etc. It is required for configuration, installation, operation, switched networks, etc.

Enhance your skills in networking through CCNA Training Institute in Chennai, learning networking course will highly helpful to get a great career in top companies. Having a CCNA affirmation gives an additional weight to your profile, so enroll at FITA for this course and get your dream job. It is not just helpful for freshers, it is also helpful for employers.

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