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Oracle is a secured database which is used in multinational companies. Here I have given frequently asked Oracle database questions.

  1. What is Oracle?

Oracle is a company, it is also a database server which helps to manage data in a structured way. A user can store and get back their data as whenever they required. The database server provides efficiency for failure recovery.

  1. What are the logical and physical database structures in Oracle?

Logical – Database’s schema projects and Tablespace

Physical – Data files, Control files and Redo log files

  1. What is Tablespace?

A database has one or more storage units are called as tablespaces.

  1. What is an Oracle table?

Tables are generally basic data storage in Oracle DB. Databases are stored in rows and columns. A user can identify their table with their table name. Oracle database stores metadata, it is available in PL/SQL, Java and other languages.

  1. What is BCP in Oracle?

Bulk Copy in Oracle helps to import and export from tables but it doesn’t copy the data from other sources.

  1. What are the memory layers in Oracle?
  • Data dictionary cache
  • Library cache
  1. What are the Oracle DB objects?
  • Sequences – Multiple users generate unique numbers
  • Tables – set of elements organized in both horizontal and vertical
  • Indexes – Tuning method is used to process the records
  • Views – a Virtual table is derived from one or more tables
  • Tablespaces – Logical units for Oracle
  • Synonyms – Alias name is used for tables
  1. What is the cold backup and hot backup in Oracle?

Cold Backup: The other name of Cold Backup is Offline Backup, the process has been done only if the database is active.

Hot Backup: The other name of Hot Backup is Online Backup, the process has been done only if you are in offline.

  1. What are the roles of DB Administrator?
  • Database Administrator has the ability to create new users. They can allocate work to other users.
  • Perform backup and recovery
  • Manage database storage ad schema objects
  1. What are the common tasks in Oracle DBA?
  • Installing Oracle software
  • Creating Oracle DB
  • Managing database storage structures
  • Managing table, index, schema objects and views
  • Performing database upgrades
  1. What are the Database Administering tools?
  • Oracle Net Manager
  • Database Upgrade Assistant
  • Database Configuration Assistant
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Net Manager
  • Oracle Universal Installer
  1. What are the modules in Oracle Forms?
  • PL/SQL library module
  • Object library module
  • Menu Module
  • Form Module
  1. What are the types of synonyms in Oracle?

Public: Accessed by any database user

Private: Accessed only by the private owner

  1. In which language Oracle has been developed?

C Language is used to develop Oracle.

  1. What is DML?

Data Manipulation Language (DML) is used to manipulate and access data in the existing objects. Select, Insert, Update and Delete are DML statements.

  1. What is hash cluster?

Hash Cluster is used to store table for faster retrieval.

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