What Are The Eco-Friendly Roofing Options Available?


When the construction project begins, the important features to be considered are cost, performance, and design. Homeowners take all these features as a priority. Some other underlying factors are important to consider in this project. Sustainability is gaining attraction in the construction industry. It is an advantage to the environment as well as to the homeowners. Metal roofing provides high resistance and longevity. The metal roofing sheets are lesser in price when compared with other roofing materials.   

Let us look into top eco-friendly roofing options for our house:

Green roofing:

A green roof is not about color. It’s all about the green vegetation on the roof. Sounds interesting? Let’s check it out. 

The green color bestows its beauty upon the property. Not only that, but it also has a great advantage of absorbing heat. The roof is an extra layer of insulation. It traps the heat by preventing it from penetrating the building. Thus it regulates the temperature of the building. It assists in the lowering of energy costs. 

According to a study, the roof reduces energy consumption by 75%. Isn’t it good news for you folks? For the people who live in urban areas, it blocks the heat from other buildings as well. Another advantage is we can plant vegetables on the roof that leads to a healthy lifestyle. The materials used in making the polycarbonate sheets are very eco-friendly. As it is eco-friendly, the polycarbonate sheet price in Chennai is very affordable and makes it valuable. 

Metal Roof:

Metal roofing usually gives high durable strength, longevity, and performance. One can choose from the available materials such as tin, copper, steel, and aluminum. Metal roof goes well with all the seasons and changes. Once installed these roofs last up to 50 long years. Want more? Yes, a metal roof is capable of providing benefits. They are fire-resistant and insect-proof thus making them a strong roofing material. It can be made use of for both residential and commercial purposes. Want to know the best part? It is energy-saving and recyclable thus making it an option for a great investment. It is eco-friendly as well.   

Cool Roof:

The cool roof blocks the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Heat is reduced to a greater extent through this type of roof. This saves you money from installing cooling machines for your home. This fight against carbon emission as well. 

Zee purlins are also called Z purlins. The z purlin manufacturers build the structure of horizontal beams that form the roof and wall joinings. It mostly resembles the letter z. As it overlaps the joints, the z purlins are stronger than the c purlins. 

There are also other types of roofing such as solar roofs, wood shake, and rubber shingle roofs, and clay roofing tiles. It’s high time to choose the respective roofing sheets based on your preference.