Selenium is a framework or, to be more exact, a tool for automated testing. It is an automated web application testing tool that is open source. Additionally, Selenium is a versatile testing solution that enables automation testers to create test scripts in Selenium using a variety of programming languages, including Python, Java, etc. FITA Academy offers Selenium Training In Chennai with the Selenium Certified Professionals.

On the Internet, thousands of programmes are used every day. To make sure these applications function properly outside the development environment, test teams should be available at all times. This test has to be run using a reliable and user-friendly framework. The incredible Selenium suite has made millions of application deployments simpler. 

How does Selenium Architecture work?

Selenium IDE

A Firefox add-on called Selenium IDE enables developers to record and execute scripts. Selenium IDE has the benefit of not requiring any programming experience, which is one of its benefits. It suffices to understand HTML and DOM. Due to its simplicity, Selenium IDE is frequently used as a prototype tool.

Selenium RC

Selenium is abbreviated as Selenium Remote Control. Because it was the first widely used testing framework and has long been the go-to web automation testing tool, it is frequently referred to as Selenium 1.

JavaScript serves as the foundation for Selenium RC’s automation functionality. The Selenium RC language framework supports Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, C#, and PHP. Also supported by Selenium RC are all current web browsers.

Selenium WebDriver

Through a collection of open source APIs, the automation framework Selenium WebDriver enables the automation of user actions with current web browsers and interactions with browsers. The browser core driver is responsible for implementing Selenium WebDriver.

The following describes the Selenium WebDriver architecture:

Library for Selenium clients

Language libraries for languages like Java, Ruby, Python, and others are available in the Selenium Client Library. FITA Academy is the best institution with the experts to teach Selenium Online Training and also offers Placement Assistance.


JavaScript Object Notation is abbreviated as JSON. This Selenium WebDriver component is critical to the Selenium automation process because it transfers data between the server and the client through the web.

Drivers for web browsers

Browser drivers allow communication between Selenium WebDriver and the corresponding browser. Browser drivers ensure that no information about the internal consistency of the browser’s processes is revealed to the browser.


Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and other browsers are supported, as previously stated.

Grid of Selenium

This Selenium package component is compatible with Selenium RC. It is used on computers to run parallel tests against various browsers. Selenium. The Selenium framework’s functionality is dependent on the browsers and operating systems that it supports.

How Does Selenium Work for Web Automation?

Follow these guidelines to run Selenium test scripts:

  • Making an instance of WebDriver for the appropriate Browser is the first step.
  • Go to the website that needs to be automated now.
  • A Web page’s HTML element has to be fixed
  • Do anything arbitrary with the HTML element. To complete the activity, utilise the ‘Sendkeys’ method. Join Selenium Training In Coimbatore and learn Selenium professionally under the guidance of industry experts.