What are the benefits of using PP corrugated boxes?

corrugated boxes

Traditionally, wooden boxes have been in use for years due to their excellent durability and stability. Even though wooden boxes have several advantages like safe delivery to import and export goods, long-lasting, and many more. The disadvantage of the wooden box is that they are made of wooden planks. In some cases, if wooden planks are not treated well they can be easily contaminated by bacteria, pests, and fungi. However, it can affect the quality of the wood, and it increases the cost. Hence, wooden pallet manufacturers in Chennai replace them with PP corrugated boxes in recent times. PP corrugated boxes are environment-friendly and recyclable. Hence, it is affordable and cost-saving. Below, listed are some of the benefits of using PP corrugated boxes for transporting.


The foremost factor of using PP corrugated boxes is that they are easily accessible and helps to carry items of different sizes. The pp box manufacturer in Chennai provides boxes for agricultural purposes and many more. It is easy to manage and transported to different parts easily. They are small and uniform in size and provide a cushioning effect while transporting.


The boxes are light and have only one-third of the wooden crate weight. The weight of the wooden crate is around 40kg but the corrugated boxes made of polypropylene weigh only 15kg to 20kg of the same size. They occupy small space while transporting and handling is simple.


The important factor in utilizing the pp corrugated boxes is that they are cost-effective and reduce transportation costs. For instance, when a product is transported in the air it may cost approximately Rs.400 per kg and, when transported in a wooden crate it may cost nearly Rs.16,000. On the other hand, the cost of transportation in PP corrugated boxes is around Rs.8000 which is reduced by 50%. Hence, it is much less than modes of transportation.


The boxes are resistant to moisture due to their PU-coated paper. They are resistant to shock and bumps in transportation and can withstand punctures. It is an ideal choice for packing due to its versatility, flexibility, and impact resistance.

Serves different purposes:

It provides shelter for small creatures like mice, rabbits, and other pet enclosures. It is an excellent choice to reuse and is highly absorbent. They provide a comfortable and smooth surface for animals to stay.

Hence, packaging companies in Chennai provide a high standard and quality pp corrugated boxes to their customers.


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